GFRIEND – Trust JP Ver

GFRIEND dropped their (Japanese Ver.) debut solo album and- 今日から私たちは their awaited debut album version and it finally arrived today May (23) 今日から私たちは ~GFRIEND 1st BEST and finaly here is the one of the single track which is Tittle “Trust (Japanese Ver.)” and it went viral online surface.

Last Couples of a weeks GFriend released “Time For The Moon Night,” their first new single of 2018.A mix of whimsy and dramatic shifts, “Time For The Moon,” or “Night” as it is known in Korean, starts off simply with a haunting piano melody and gradually builds to a soaring, expressive close.

Propelled by whimsical strings, the song is sprinkled with retro-inspired digital quirks, fluttering synths, and layered harmonies as the members of GFriend sing their way between dynamic tempo and tonal shifts.

Take A Listen Below